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A learning commons is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centered, physical or virtual space for collaboration, inquiry, imagination and play.

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(Learning Commons Guidelines - Open Government, n.d.)

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Supporting the Development of Competencies

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(Students Learning Through Competencies - Alberta Regional Professional Development Resources, 2019)

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Methods & Materials

Puppet theatre


Age appropriate and engaging reading material that;

-Supports the cirriculum

-Is relevant

-Represents the diversity in the school community.

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A daisy who is told she’s “just a weed”—and embarks on a journey to find her place in the garden.

"I am one of a kind and that makes me beautifully me. There's only one of you and that makes you beautifully you."

A young child explores the unlimited potential inherent in all humans.




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A dazzling novel about a young girl who collects the missing pieces of her origin story from the family of legendary luchadores she’s never met.

Four different kids. Three different threats. Two degrees of temperature rise. One single cause: Climate change.

Eleven-year-old Peter Lee has one goal in life: to become a paleontologist. But in one summer, that all falls apart.

In the 1980s, the coastal fishing town of Prince Rupert is booming. There is plenty of sockeye salmon in the nearby ocean, which means the fishermen are happy and there is plenty of work at the cannery. Eleven-year-old Mia and her best friend, Lara, have known each other since kindergarten. Like most tweens, they like to hang out and compare notes on their crushes and dream about their futures. But even though they both live in the same cul-de-sac, Mia’s life is very different from her non-Indigenous, middle-class neighbor

A story about a girl who—armed with her trusty, snazzy wheelchair—refuses to let her brittle bone disease stand in the way of adventure.

The first treaty that was made was between the earth and the sky. It was an agreement to work together. We build all of our treaties on that original treaty.



Powwow is a celebration of Indigenous song and dance. Journey through the history of powwow culture in North America, from its origins to the thriving powwow culture of today.


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A place and time to gather and collaborate through exploration and play!

Can you guess the seed?

A)Leeks B)Marigold C)Peas D)Spinach E)Baby butternut squash F)Beets G)Golden wax beans H)Radish I) Cucumber J)Sunflower K)Lettuce L)Raab Broccoli M)Carrots N)Cabbage O)Beans (green)

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